Friday, September 19, 2008


I left Germany in mid August to teach a workshop and attend a conference in Seattle. While Rich was riding his bike along the pilgrimage way in Germany, I was busy working in Seattle. The conference was a special Symposium for the 25th anniversary of NESAC/Bio, the surface science center I work with there. It was a fun event since I have been with NESAC/Bio for 22 of its 25 years and many of my friends from grad school and beyond were there.

On the weekend between the workshop and the conference, we couldn’t get time on the SIMS instrument so Kip and I went to Mountain Ranier. Saturday Tom Horbett joined us for a hike to Spray Park from Mowich Lake. It was one of those near perfect days at Mount Ranier where the sun is shining and the wild flowers are at their peak. If only it hadn’t been for the mosquitoes that swarmed us in the higher elevation meadows it would have been fully perfect. Tom had to be back in Seattle early for a party but Kip but I camped at Mowich Lake that night. Kip brought his inflatable raft and rowed me about on the Lake. In the morning we hiked up to Eunice Lake and then managed to make it down the dirt road before the really. I took around 200 photos on the trip, here are just a few of them.

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